5 Interior Design Trends for 2018 That You Won’t Want to Miss

Back in October, we identified seven 2018 interior design trends that would make their mark on the new year, such as iridescent accents, geometric patterns, and others. And they certainly are. But with the new year firmly underway, there are more interior design trends that are emerging. If you’re in the process of planning your…

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Soft, medium, firm down pillows – which one are you

Which is best - Soft | Medium | Firm Down Pillows   A pillow can either provide your neck with comfort and support, or it can be a day of misery and discomfort upon waking. To prevent the day of misery, make sure you buy the right density pillow for your preferred sleeping position. If…

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Valerie Steil Biography

Valerie Steil Interior Designer When it comes to interior designers, Valerie Steil is one of the most well known and recognized names around today. Currently residing in a small port in Chile called Valparaiso, Valerie has become a huge name in interior design and is continually shaping the way we decorate our home today.  …

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Design trends for spring 2017

If you’ve overdosed on hygge, copper fittings and the odd metallic pineapple for light relief, rejoice because with the season comes a whole new range of interior trends. Last year’s overriding theme might have been all about industrial chic, but looking ahead – unsurprisingly, considering the current state of global play – the mood is…


Finding your Zen | Interior and Exterior

For the last couple of years I’ve worked alongside leading British interior designer, Kelly Hoppen MBE, presenting her live interior design shows on QVC, (the nations most loved shopping channel: broadcasting live 364 days a year, for 16 hours a day and accessible to 27 million homes in the UK. Oh and their turnover in…


Budgeting for Your Bedroom Remodel

How Much Should You Spend? How much money you'll spend to give your master bedroom a fresh look depends many factors, including the remodels scope, where you live and unexpected problems that arise during construction. Costs for different types of projects vary widely, and the features you choose can be as expensive as your budget…


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