Ultra soft white down pillow

Soft, medium, firm down pillows – which one are you

Which is best – Soft | Medium | Firm Down…

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Valerie Steil Biography

Valerie Steil Interior Designer When it comes to interior designers,…

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Digital Humidity Gauge

Helpful tips on how to maintain your antique furniture

How to maintain your antique furniture Antique furniture never goes…

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patio tables and chairs

Outdoor and patio furniture buying guide 2017

Purchasing yard/garden/patio furnishings is a long-term financial investment and also…

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Design trends for spring 2017

If you’ve overdosed on hygge, copper fittings and the odd…

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The Beauty Of Chandelier Lighting

The chandeliers’ story goes a long way, back when the…

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Finding your Zen | Interior and Exterior

For the last couple of years I’ve worked alongside leading…

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Budgeting for Your Bedroom Remodel

How Much Should You Spend? How much money you’ll spend…

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Get a Smashing Look with Mirrored Glass Furniture

  Get a smashing look with glass furniture is possible…

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